Clearwater Legislature To Opinion On Little League Ballpark, Girl Football Margin

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CLEARWATER — A reworked Little League ballpark, a newly built lakeside route and a home margin for a girl football team: Clearwater is swimming in new proposals for parks and outside spending.

The City Council is approaching to approve work or accept grants for any of these projects during a assembly tonight, permitting a route and entertainment fields to open ahead. Even nicer: All of a projects will expected be paid for with county, state or sovereign funding.

Here’s a demeanour during all three:

The North Greenwood Athletic Fields

Three years ago, one of a usually places in North Greenwood to chuck a round around, a Phillip Jones Field, was sealed due to aged landfill waste circumference too tighten to a surface.

That left a North Greenwood Panthers, a organisation of 270 football players and cheerleaders between a ages of 4 and 15, effectively homeless. Every diversion day, a group had to container all a things into a behind of a U-Haul truck.

Now, interjection to a $300,000 sovereign Community Development Block Grant and a $25,000 concession from Clearwater For Youth, a city is looking to open a deputy in a weed parking lot circuitously a aged Jack Russell Stadium.

The initial aflame margin for football or soccer, off Palmetto Street and N Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, could be finished in June.

Lake Bellevue Trail

This mile-long route would loop around Lake Bellevue, a namesake for a area infrequently called South Greenwood. Just south of Lakeview Road, a 10-foot-wide route would couple a Ed Wright and Ross Norton parks.

A state extend for recreational trails and Penny for Pinellas supports will separate a cost of a $400,000 trail. Parks and distraction executive Kevin Dunbar pronounced it could one day bond to a sprawling Pinellas Trail.

Sid Lickton Complex

The 7 ballfields here on Saturn Avenue have hosted Little League ball and girls softball for 50 years, and city officials had designed to wait another half a decade before starting their renovation.

But with a designed remodeling due for a circuitously water-treatment plant that could rip adult partial of a complex, officials now wish to start pitching ideas for a ballpark most sooner.

The legislature will opinion Thursday on either officials should spend adult to $150,000 in Penny for Pinellas supports on surveys and a site pattern for a $3 million renovation.

Though a work could potentially can a Little League’s 2013 season, it could concede a fields to stay open for years.

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